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Pupon Saiyasak

My career started at Dell in 1999 creating software applications to enhance efficiencies in the manufacturing process. Mainly, the goal was to reduce complexity by introducing technology to automate steps that a factory associate had to perform in order to complete a task. This increased velocity for the entire build process as applications enriched users experiences allowing them to perform at a more efficient rate.

From my humble years at Dell, I have taken this same principle and applied it to the World Wide Web by merging technology with rich visual content. Technology is the tool for delivering emotionally rich content that we create for audience consumption. Content should be rich and strives to inspire, connect, entertain or educate.

My philosophy on creativity is simple. Create things that add quality to people's lives. Give it to people where they already are, let them have some fun with it and mix in the brand message. The things we consume are more memorable when they enrich our lives therefore leading us to brand awareness.

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